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Benzoic acid

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Synonyms: Benzene carboxylic acid

Benzoic acid consists of a benzene ring and a carboxylic acid group. Benzoic acid is used as a preservative (E 210) in foods as marmelade and juices. In the liver the compound is metabolized into hippuric acid. Benzoic acid is found in many plants e.g. strawberries and cranberries. The salts of benzoic acid is named benzoates.

MW= 122,13 g/mol; MP= 122,4 o C; BP= 2419 o C; bruttoformula: C7H6O2; CAS-number: 65-85-0; pKa= 4,19

See also benzoic acid methyl ester.

Benzoic acid

The chemical structure of benzoic acid

3D Structure of benzoic acid

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