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UNA - unlocked nucleobase analogs


Synonyms: Unlocked nucleic acids

UNA or unlocked nucleobase analogs are synthetic nucleic acids where the carbohydrate part of the molecule has been modifed so the binding capacity to the complementary DNA- or RNA-string is changed.

See also LNA.

Normal nucleic acid units
Adenosine unit
Strukturen af en adenosinenhed i DNA
UNA adenosine unit
 Strukturen af en UNA adenosinenhed
Guanosine unit
Strukturen af en guaninnukleinsyreenhed 
UNA guanosine unit
 Strukturen af en UNA guanosinenhed
Uridine unit
 Strukturen af en uridinenhed
UNA uridine unit
 Strukturen af en UNA uridinenhed
Cytidine unit
Strukturen af en cytosinnukleinsyreenhed
UNA Cytidine unit
 Strukturen af en UNA cytidinenhed


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