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Telefon: 4674-0254

Fax: 4674-0253

Produkter: Reagenser og laboratorieservice for europæisk lifescience

Stort udvalg af reagenser fra mere end 160 leverandører

Gene expression

Arrays, Modified nucleosides, Purification & Recovery of Nucleic Acids, Real-time PCR, siRNA, SNP Detection

Cell biology

Normal Primary Cells, PBMC, Caco2 cells for transport studies, Hepatocytes, InstaCell Proliferation Assays, Cancer Spheroids, Cell Separation, Cytokines Toolbox, Cytoskeleton, Fluorescence Tools, Flow cytometry, Virology & Microbiology, Monitor cellular activity, Live-cell imaging, Custom Service, Protein tags, Alzheimer's disease, Histology tools

Signal transduction

Chemiluminscence readout, Cytoskeleton, HDAC - HAT, HSP - Cellular Stress, Inhibitors, Kinases and phosphatases, MMP, p53, Membrane protein stability, Phosphoinositides, PPAR, Proteins, TMB, Ubiquitin and Proteasome, One band after IP assay, GPCR, New molecules, NFkB activity, Sphingolipids

Drug discovery

GPCR, Kinases and phosphatases, MMP, HDAC - HAT, InstaCell Proliferation Assays, Membrane protein stability, Chemiluminescence readout, TMB


Biological reagents, Substrates & Metabolites, Software, Services

Laboratory services

Molecular Biology, Cellular Biology, Protein Production, Nuclear receptor screening.



Adresse: Tebu-bio CAT Science Park Universitetsparken 7 4000 Roskilde

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