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Center for Clinical and Basic Research A/S


Produkter: Kliniske tests for den farmaceutiske industri

CCBR Center for Clinical and Basic Research (CCBR) is a private company, headquartered in Denmark, operating wholly dedicated Clinical Research Centres around the world in Denmark, Czech Republic, Poland, Estonia, Lithuania, Romania, China, Hong Kong, Brazil, Argentina and Peru.

CCBR conducts studies on behalf of pharmaceutical, biotech and companies directly involved in drug development and research. All clinical trials are conducted at CCBR's Research Centres, with each study conducted and overseen by highly experienced and dedicated staff, who are salaried CCBR employees. The benefits sponsors gain when working with CCBR are greater numbers and volumes of patients from fewer investigator site, with the prospect of speeding up clinical development programs, by achieving high quality clinical data more quickly than can be achieved through non CCBR investigator sites.

CCBR started out in business many years ago, primarily working in research related to women's menopause and the diseases that are linked to this such as osteoporosis. CCBR is still researching in women's menopause but as time has gone by CCBR has conducted clinical trials across many different therapeutic areas including osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, dyslipidemia, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, mild cognitive impairment, asthma, COPD and related respiratory diseases, diabetes, pain, dermatological conditions and many others.

All clinical studies conducted by CCBR are approved by competent authorities across every country such as the local Ethics Committee, the Medicine Authority and the Data Protection Agency. All clinical studies are conducted to ICH GCP guideline and country specific requirements and follow CCBR's standardised SOPs over all countries. CCBR would be pleased to offer patient recruitment feasibility for upcoming studies and to discuss the efficiencies working with CCBR on a global basis can offer.

CCBR's mission is to: To speed up clinical trials and to offer sponsor's time and cost savings through doing so.


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