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NatImmune A/S


Produkter: NatImmune is a Copenhagen-based biopharmaceutical company, which was founded in 2000 to develop best-in-class protein therapeutics within oncology and infectious diseases. A management team with strong credentials and international experience from biotech, pharma and entrepreneurship is in charge of running NatImmune. The Company currently employs 24 FTEs. NatImmune is owned by a venture capital syndicate led by Novo A/S and has to date raised $ 38 million. In 2005, NatImmune concluded a major out-licensing deal with Enzon Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (NJ, USA) for its therapeutic protein, recombinant human Mannose Binding Lectin (rhMBL). NatImmune successfully developed rhMBL through clinical phase I, and Enzon is currently initiating clinical phase I/II in multiple myeloma patients and liver transplant patients. NatImmune received a signature fee of $ 10 million and will receive development milestones as well as royalty on sales. The products in NatImmune's pipeline address identified unmet medical needs and significant market opportunities. The market potential for rhMBL for supportive care in immunosuppressed patients is $ 1 billion. The total market potential for the BAMLET Topical Gel indications (skin warts in immunosuppressed patients, genital warts, actinic keratosis) is also around $ 1 billion. The market potential for bladder cancer is $ 300 million, rHAMLET in glioblastomas has a $ 1 billion market potential, and the prospective market for the COU-1 antibody is well above $ 4 billion. NatImmune's unique competitive edge is its best-in-class protein bioprocess development group. This group of currently 17 people has decades of industry experience developing manufacturing processes for numerous recombinant proteins (factor VIIa, factor VIII, growth hormone, MBL). NatImmune has a strong scientific and clinical network and will continue to identify and acquire new product candidates from both academia and industry


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